About Freetech

As a global leading intelligent driving solutions provider and product supplier, Freetech has a core intellectual property and solutions for Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) and plays a role of a High-Tech innovative company with international leadership in intelligent driving field. It is committed to technological innovation for travelers in order to create a safer traffic environment empowering sheer pleasure of driving experience and impacting the way of travelling. Freetech is growing up with customers and partners to deliver scalable intelligent driving solutions that meet a variety of performance, application and system requirements, and is building a new intelligent era.

Our Vision

As a leader on ADAS technology, we are committed to driving the development of intelligent driving technology in China. We aim to provide "safe, real and effective" intelligent solutions to enhance the overall level of China's auto industry manufacturing, to support Chinese auto industry and our customers to join the international market, and actively participate in the global competition.

Our Mission

To provide "safe and easy" travel environment, through our intelligent solutions.

Our Goal

Through our international experiences together with the localized characteristics, we will provide industry standards for Chinese intelligent driving technology, and by using which, we will enhance the overall level of Chinese intelligent driving R&D, and will build a solid foundation for intelligent travelling as well as a smart city.