Unique Competitive Advantage

As a start-up, Freetech’s forward-looking strategic layout, innovation, research and development, highly efficient processes, as well as serious attention to smart driving have given us unique advantages when competing in the market.

Technical Advantage

We own a full set of Sweden’s latest ADAS and autonomous driving technologies, which works as a strong base for developing ADAS and autonomous driving systems based on the environments and scenarios in China.

Market Advantage

We address the pain points of road environments and traffic scenarios in China assisted by an in-depth understanding in the area.

Industry Advantage

With a strong industry background, we gain insight into the needs of domestic automotive manufacturers, and engage in flexible and customized collaborative development.

Product Advantage

With strong engineering capabilities locally, we have a complete range of products and functions while offering excellent customer service and high-quality delivery.

Talent Advantage

Our core team of talents possess broad and extensive experience in top automotive manufacturers, component and parts companies, and the IT industry.